Current State of Existence – a world never before experienced in the hostory of which we are currently aware

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Many have noted the unique circumstances and characteristics of the current world, a world which has never been experienced before in the history of which we are currently aware.
Two specific categories of “existence mapping” define our current existence as unique, moreso than any other criteria of measurement.

Those two categories are:

1)  The global currency grid and economic engines which operate in essentially real time, all the time, and are complex and instaneous to the extent that no human being has any real interaction, but essentially responds to the networks of machines which offer a glimpse into this virtual fiduciary universe.

2)  A state of personal existence where the biological DNA that has been the data that defines our existence template and is the projection of our physica avatar presence is now less relevant than the “virtual DNA” of our virtual existence template which is not limited or even related to our physical avatar presence, but instead is projected to the entire planet, in real time, all the time.

Some could argue the virtues or detriments of this current and continously evolving existence matrix, but what cannot be argued is the reality of this moment.  

This is the short version –

Our state of economic existence:

The global currency grid system is in itself a Ponzi scheme on a planetary scale.

It is impossible to have an economic engine in which the primary
performance metric vector upon which all other indices of valuation are dependant is not just on perpetual growth, but on perpetually accelerating growth, mapped against a planet with a maximum critical mass threshold failure point of available resources and population life support capacity.

We are rapidly approaching this critical mass threshold failure point now.

There are many regions of the world, including here in the USA, where there are ever incerasing sectors of the population who have no real capacity for meaningful employment, no net gain contribution to the economic systems currently in operation, and in fact have to be subsidized for their very existence with direct payment from the tax base, and / or with “make work” jobs
that have no real value but are counted as “employment” for the sake of creating an artificial appearance of economic viability.

Map this accelerating demographic against an industry base which in fact is ever less dependant on human labor, and at the same time is encouraged to continually reproduce to serve the geopolitical ambitions of local sovereign nationstates and functionally synergistic “religious” affiliations which have utilized the mechanism of largely uneducated “expendable” populations to
serve their geopolitical strategic  objectives and ambitions against the current planetary existence support limitations, and the math is glaringly obvious.

This system will fail.   This is the “real” inconvenient truth.

For those who may be truly interested in this reality, and are not blinded by political correctness diatribe or various layers of emotional irrationality, the point of planetary sustainable equilibrium was passed in the mid 1980s.

Many have attempted to articulate this hard reality since that time
(including myself), and of course, have been excoriated for attempting to articulate the obvious.

The end result, from this point onward, will bifrucate into one of two possible outcomes:

1)  A voluntary radical change of awareness and synchronicity of intent  will orient the world’s populations (and more relevantly, the authorities which  catalyze belief systems and political policy) toward a voluntary  instigation of sustainable practices and population management.


2)  An involuntary “correction” will be forced upon the world’s
populations, and quite possibly the life support of the planet, manifest by radical,  irreversible catastrophic failure of economic systems, civilization, and life  itself as it is currently recognized to be.

Evolution is not “friendly” or politically correct, and nature is not
designed to be “nice”, but rather to be functional.   Narture’s beauty and  aesthetics are marvellous to behold, but can be misleading if one cannot recognize  the system dynamics required for its maintainence and perpetuity.

Economic systems tend to operate by the same principles, as has been mapped  and analyzed by many who have studied and defined such system dynamics.

Our state of cultural existence:

Every moment of our apparent existence is now accompanied with a hidden (and in many cases involumtary) data cloud. 

In fact, our data cloud has considerably more apparent relevance and defacto representation of our existence than our physical being.  

Our organic DNA was, in times of yore, the biophysical data footprint of our presence – now it’s our app code and virtual data matrix that is our DNA.

Even those “off grid” folks who go to great lengths to opt out of the current manifestation of the matrix are still connected to a sort of “data mist” that they will never see, but is required for even the most minimal existence template in this current (and still evolving) virtual universe.

This particular observation became distinctly manifest as I was attempting to launch a  java script / app code designed to find out who “deleted” one’s momentary fleeting moment of virtual friendship on Facebook.

The code for initiating that process has nothing remotely to do with personal interaction – it is a page of code mush that no one could possibly understand unless they themselves are a programmer familiar with that particular code syntax . . .

It is, in essance, a perfect metaphor of the virtual existence / quasi matrix world we are already immersed in.

It is a strange world we have evolved into.

But just think, for us older folks with with gray hair and memories of a world that once was. . . we are the last of our kind. 

We harken back to an ancient time, when the biophysical presence of our being actually was the avatar of our existence template.

Young people growing into this virtual matrix world now, have never known a world that was NOT immersed into this virtual existence template, and its attendant data cloud that is as much part of theitr DNA as their biophysical containment vessel (if not more so).

We used to write about this sort of theoretical future realm, as if this were some wispy glimpse into a potential far off future eventhorizon.

We have now passed that eventhorizon . . .

As I suggested earlier, we are the last of our kind – relish in our gray hair and beards, as we are living relics of a time that no longer exists.

Well, maybe this was a bit much meandering diatribe, but looking at that java script as the key for finding out who may have rejected one’s momentary Facebook existence was the perfect metaphor of this moment, and the world that has already dissapeared.

Epilogue . . .

I couldn’t help but wonder . . . what will future acheologists dig up from ancient relics of our current time?

There will be no stones with mysterious languages carved into them, no remnants of a “library of Alexandria” to investigate, no secretly hidden scrolls to unearth and decipher.

No . . . the most that may be found might be the fragments of a strange looking circular piece of shiny metalllic plastic with microscopic holes burned into it.

Even my current library of books, as in actual real books printed on paper, will crumble into decay and dust at some future point.

And as the current trend seems to indicate, even something as archaic as paper with print on it is fading away into the realms of obscurity.

Imagine, for the briefest moment, a future archeologist hoping to understand a strange, electronic contraption that was once used to read “ebooks”.

No Rosetta stone here . . .


A brief history of human existence on this planet, ET, and Intelligent Panspermia from the perspective of a “Historian of the Future”

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In the Beginning, there was . . .

For decades, many have pondered who, or perhaps what we are. Did we just “magically appear” here on Earth, or did the evolutionary leap from primitive quasi-humanoid species types to current human form occur with some mysterious, yet to be defined process?

Perhaps there is another explanation, as increasing evidence tends to be indicating.  I ask only that you ponder this possibility with an open mind.

For some, this will be difficult, as there is much cultural (and political) investment in religious belief systems and enforcement of dogma. But before leaping to conclusions, let’s examine what some of those “religious beliefs” consist of, shall we?

I was recently told by one of my colleagues with whom these concepts have been discussed, “Jumping from “UFO’s are real,” to “ET contact” is a gigantic leap of faith that can match any religion”.

Indeed so – that would be the point.

ET contact IS the source of much of the religion that is practiced to this very day.  From a biblical perspective, I would suggest taking a close look at the book of Enoch. 

Interestingly, the Quran very openly refers to intelligent life beyond the confines of earth out in the universe, as does the Upanishads, and in fact, the majority of the world’s religious texts clearly refer to this concept as an accepted fact in their theological tenets. The variations of the theme are interesting, as visualized and interpreted through the lens of specific cultures, but the descriptions are essentially ubiquitous all over the planet; someone or “something” descended from the sky, intersected with beings here, and “man” was created more or less in “god’s image”.

We were indeed made in “God’s image”. In today’s world, this is called “genetic engineering”.

Recent evidence has strongly suggested that the original “colony” of homo sapiens numbered between 20 to 30 individuals. Sounds like a genetically modified specimen pool to me.

Graphic courtesy Singularity Institute

What came next?

We were then given a set of rules, an existence code to follow.  

I don’t care if it’s Moses and his “burning bush” encounter, or any other collection of such historical references from all over the planet, the story is the same: follow these rules, or dire circumstances will follow.   Indigenous cultures all over the world, on 5 continents (and many island civilizations) have had some form of “prophecy” indicating a radical change of significance occurring roughly about now, within the first third of the 21st century (as translated into Julian calendar chronology).

There has been a highly consistent devotion to this concept throughout the world, often punctuated with fantastic works of engineering and astronomical measurement devoted to this agenda.

In many cases, these spectacular works of engineering and celestial observations were conducted under the most extreme conditions, taxing the very limits of human endeavor. And in every case, the question of “why” pleads for an answer, which mainstream academia seems to be unable to effectively answer.

Life is Common . . . we are Not that Special

Let’s just suppose that life is common in the universe, and certainly very common right here in our proximity, at the outer third of the articulated arm of our galaxy, a common, generic galaxy filled with hundreds of billions of common generic stars very similar to ours, and planets to match.

OK, so there is life flourishing about, and very likely ET civilizations who keep an eye on evolving planetary ecosystems and potentially emergent civilizations in their approximate locale or region of interest.

I would suggest that it would be mundane and normal, rote as it were, that it would be to their interest to keep an eye on such neighboring star systems. It would be normal procedure to invoke a bit of “version control” on lifeform types that are evolving toward becoming potentially emergent civilizations.

“Peace on Earth”, oil an canvas painting by Uriel Dana and the late Gage Taylor.

So, if this was the criteria, what was the procedure?

Send in a crew, find the local “most viable” lifeform type about to cross the line into quasi-intelligence, and do a bit of pre-emptive genetic engineering, knowing that a controlled evolutionary eventstream might have a more predictable (and therefore manageable) outcome . . . theoretically.

Call it what you wish, like a form of neighborhood quality control on a cosmic scale, but here are the major basic major data points along this pathway.

Who’s DNA is this?

Now, let’s have a look at our DNA, shall we?

Ever wonder what all that so-called “junk DNA” might be there for?

I’ve had quite a bit of conversation with many of the elite within the genetic research and molecular medicine communities, and one thing that is consistent is the inconsistency of potential explanations. While pondering that concept for a moment, let’s briefly have a look at what Matthew Alger refers to as the “god part of the brain”.

The concept of "alien" DNA is perhaps more common than mainstream media would tend to suggest

The research into this has been quite extensive, and the common consensus tends to be the following.  From a neuroaesthetics, molecular psychiatry, and neurophysiology perspective, for some yet undefinable reason, our human brains have been genetically designed to have this “faith potential” built our into existence morphology and survival patterning.

Even to the point that this faith potential has, sadly, become a toxic social pathology in many cases, as our current out of control accelerating planetary overpopulation driven by religious dogma is demonstrating at this very moment.

But, at that earlier time, when our first increment of genetic version control modification was implemented upon the selected available proto-humanoids that were chosen to become the first humans, by design, in the image of “god”, who came from “the heavens”, the design strategy of the time was to amplify the neurological characteristics of this “god part of the brain”.

There is a logic to this, and given current available evidence, it may be the simplest “Occam’s Razor” explanation for the otherwise unexplainable.

I would venture that we are not the only experiment in such context, but that there have been a variety of such planetary civilization version control works in progress, the implementation of what I refer to as “intelligent panspermia” applied to a relatively localized regional solar systems.

We may well be one of the earlier attempts along these lines, a sort of failed experiment in the making, and of course, such would warrant a bit of close scrutiny in current times by our “creators” in this context, which again, coincides with actual activity which has been occurring all over the planet.

It would be at this juncture that I would offer the question: ever wonder what is really hiding in the Vatican archives? To this very day, there are certain regions of the Vatican archives that are strictly off limits, even to academic and theological scholars who apply months in advance for highly scrutinized, limited access.

The Intelligent Panspermia Protocol

To summarize, this is the key point for consideration. The purpose of the intelligent panspermia (Greek term for “the spreading of seeds) agenda would be to enable a form of pre-emptive “version control” of emergent civilizations in relative proximity solar systems.

I would further propose that we are only one of numerous such intelligent panspermia planetary experiments.  We are perhaps one of the earlier versions of such, with its inherent flaws as we are witnessing now, an ongoing experiment with a potential, soon to be encountered expiration date here, on our planetary scale petri dish .

The amplified attributes of the “god part of the brain” was an attempt to invoke our blind belief in the “lesson plan” that was delivered to us at various increments of our ancient history.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many complex endeavors, there are unexpected consequences.   The severe consequences of fanatical devotion to religious dogma is just such an unexpected consequence, which has led to countless centuries of unending wars, horrific predatory practices rendered upon [fill in the blank] indigenous cultures and populations with opposing religious dogma, and even at this very moment, out of control global over population and yes, a possible nuclear and / or biological Armageddon looming on the horizon.

ET is not perfect . . .

The notion that ET is perfect, or represents some sort of utopian benevolent civilization is a misguided conclusion that many “new agers” have tried to express, but I would suggest otherwise.

Yes, they have certainly had more time to evolve, and have seen more trial and error examples of various worlds and the civilizations that have existed on them, but perfect, without self serving agendas and flaws of character? No, of course not.   And that is exactly why, over the millennia, knowing full well how badly things can turn out when various rogue worlds and their civilizations evolve without any form of monitoring or version control, potential disasters can, do, and will occur. So their logic is to genetically intervene, as we are an example of.

We may well be a flawed experiment, possibly due for system reset and “sterilization” on a planetary scale, but I will bet a mythical sum of cosmic proportions that we have, at the very least, served as a data node in “someone’s” intelligent panspermia log books.

Blind belief in the edicts of organized religion, in the 21st century, is a mental disorder

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Blind belief in the edicts of organized religion, in the 21st century, is a mental disorder. 

There was a time, many centuries ago, when virtually all observed phenomena could be easily explained to the masses in the context of “divine” intervention or influence.

The vast majority of ordinary citizens were illiterate, and looked to the awe inspiring mythos of “the church” as the answer for all things.  Any attempt at independent thought outside the rigidly enforced edicts of the church was discouraged with severe consequences, as was made vividly apparent during the times of the Inquisition.

In later times, the conquest and extermination of entire indigenous populations under the approval “the church” was considered proper, and sanctioned by the weird and hideous distortions of what Christ’s original message had once been.

Indeed, if one is to take even a cursory examination of Christ’s original message, one will find almost no semblance at all to what “the church” later claims to be its fundamental tenets.

No where in Christ’s teachings does one find the suggestion for or the approval of the building of empires, the deployment of armies for conquest, the taxation of citizens under threat of death or “eternal damnation” , and the enforcement of theocratic law over a subjugated population.

Show me any example, anywhere in Christ’s teachings, where such edicts can be found,

But OK, those were ancient times, one can argue.

Really?  Let’s have a quick look at the current world, shall we?

In various regions of the “developing world”, where the poverty and misery factor of daily life are often beyond comprehension, the primary catalyst for this level of social disaster is over population.

It is into these hell holes of misery that the organized religions of the world come in, to enforce their bizarre policies of no family planning, no birth control, and no abortions under any circumstances.

The only way these organized religions can remain powerful is by claiming ever larger populations as their congregations, regardless of how miserable the populations in question may become as an artifact of these policies.
These policies have nothing whatever to do with the actual message of Christ when he was alive  in this world.

Unfortunately, the problems facing the world today are accelerating, and the disparity between this reality, and many populations which are expanding with reckless abandon under the enforcement of religious dogma is heading toward a global catastrophe of unprecedented severity.

This is the reality that the world is facing today, and most certainly is not a world that Christ had envisioned being created in his name.

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Ethics and economic futures in America?

I just don’t see these two realms intersecting anytime soon . . .

This is what the current era has vomited out to a dysfunctional and existence challenged public through the lens of so-called “reality TV”, who were mesmerized by the electronic kool aid heaved up in an orgy of greed and malfeasance not seen since the days of consumption excesses witnessed in the vomitoriums of Rome.

The intestinal fortitude of even the hardiest, quasi Mad Max’esque hardcore urban survivalist is being pushed to a new edge not seen in modern times.

Even in the days of the Great Depression, there was a form of tribalistic family cohesion and social infrastructure that has faded away into the mists of the past, given way to the so-called “me generation” and absurdly self absorbed bloviators of pseudo spiritual new age fluffy talk, practitioners of pontificatory regurgitation of ludicrously fake non-existent wisdom while scheming ever more devious endeavors to steal from and cheat anyone who comes within proximity of their region of influence.

Is anyone really “surprised” at the current state of affairs?


Imagine a proctology exam, with a splintery broomstick.

OK, that might be just a wee bit over the top description of socio-economic phenomena observed in current times. but only slightly so . . .

An inconvenient truth 2.0 – a brief primer on global climate change, spiritual mythos, extinction events, ET, and our precarious existence

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An inconvenient truth 2.0 – a brief primer on global climate change, spiritual mythos, extinction events, ET, and our precarious existence

A passing thought for the fempto second . . .
An outside observer, from another world, would look upon this world as a once lovely, but badly damaged planetoid, with a hopelessly inept pseudo-intelligent life form on the fast track toward self destruction.
From that perspective, the resident humanoid species in its current form, for the most part, has become an out of control infestation on our once lovely planet. 

Is our DNA really “ours?”
Just for a brief moment, forget mainstream organized religion, corporate financed geopoltical intrigues, and our delusionary perceptions of self allocated importance.
We are but grains of sand in the cosmological landscape, and as such, a mundane, and for the most part, still very flawed, toxic lifeform.
We are at the end of our “training period”, but have shown very little improvement in those areas of wisdom and maturity that would justify our existence in this cosmic ecology, though we have managed to advance rather quickly into various arenas of science an technology.
But even here, in this context, we have failed, flunked the test, in that in many cases these advances really came about as catalyzed by war already in progress, or in anticipation of creating yet another war.
If anything, the planet is basically about to experience a “system reset”, a reset of, well, Biblical proportions, as it were, that we were in fact told about, but have so badly mis-interpreted these earlier examples and “lesson plans” presented to us, that it could be a reasonable design strategy to “purge” the planet of its offending, failed lifeform and civilization, with an asteroid.
But not just any asteroid.
No, this next “incoming” big rock from space is part of a larger design strategy.
For those who wish to see us, our lovely but badly damaged planetoid, and the universe in the context of “intelligent design”, fine, no problem.
In fact, I absolutely would support that perspective, but perhaps not  not in the context of how this term is currently utilized.
And so, that leads this author and hopefully the reading audience to this quote extracted from a just published article on huge, potentially catastrophic, destructive asteroids possibly colliding with earth in the not too distant future.
. . . the door [is] open to damaging impacts on Earth with little or no
warning, a panel of scientists reports.  <
This is news?   Hardly.
However, what is news is the shift towards urgency, and an to attempt regain relevance among the general public, and the world.
Sadly, NASA is slipping further and further away from the global center stage prominence it once enjoyed.
There are many who doubt, and rightfully so, that NASA may ever gain that position again, or for that matter, any single nationstate.
However, this missive is not about NASA, the space program, geopolitical intrigue and policy, religion, or any other such typical topics of interest, but merely to establish a background, a template by which to examine our rapidly advancing future history and its already predicted consequences.
In this context, it needs to be noted that the days of such nationalistic dominance in the realms of space travel and exploration are fading away, with, of course, one very major exception.
And that would be . . . . the militarization of space.
The relevancy of this observation will become apparent shortly.
Before jumping to any rash assumptions, no it is not the USA, though we certainly have our share of such ambitions quietly flourishing outside the realms of public knowledge.
The correct answer is China, and her “marriage of convenience” partner in such endeavors, Russia.
In fact, when our space shuttle fleet is retired in 2010, we will have no capacity, none, for delivering large scale payloads into space. 
Well, at least none that the general public will ever know about.
But wait . . .
And now, as the late Paul Harvey would say, “for the rest of the story . . .  ”
The stakes are high, in fact higher than they ever have been in the history of which we are currently aware or willing to acknowledge.
Everyone on the inside knows that space is the next big thing in the emergent global economy,  military and geopolitical power.
Whoever “owns” the keys to this next strategic realm will own the world – this cannot be overstated.
This seems rather obvious to anyone with even a modest passing interest in such affairs.
But then again, there is another view . . .
I propose that the eventual impact of an “extinction event” class asteroid is not only inevitable, but in fact a sort of design feature, in a way.
And no, I’m not going to plunge into Biblical scripture or the concepts presented by such into the  murky realms of Biblical prophecy, though there is a sort indirect of connection.
I would propose that an extinction event planetary scale purging is not only the natural way of things, it is in fact a requirement that any such world must face, as part of its evolutionary “testing” and development process.
In other words, unless us humanoids here on Earth cannot get our [fill in the blank] together, we are in fact due to be flushed, as it were, down the cosmic toilet bowl of potentially interesting, but failed planetary civilization  “experiments”.
I would submit that the concept of “we were made in the image of God” is true enough, but that of course leads to the question of who or what is, or more correctly, was depicted as “God” thousands of years ago?
“and now for the rest of the story”  twist . . .
Is our DNA only “ours”?   No.  
Have we been visited before, on numerous occasions, by “someone” from out there?  Yes.
And are these two questions linked together?   Absolutely, of course.
Call it “neighborhood planning” if you wish, on a cosmic scale.
I would further submit that this has nothing to do with some sort of warm and fuzzy nurturing agenda from our benevolent space comrades from other star systems.
Please, spare me . . .
Rather, such endeavors are more like a protective measure, and an asteroid impact of a planetary scale is like a reset button for a world plagued with an errant or dysfunctional civilization.
And now, briefly back to our Biblical scriptures and prophecy teachings for just a moment . . .
What were those commandments that were “delivered” to us via a message received at the mountaintop, and cast into stone by none other than Moses himself.
I don’t see commandments, or holy “anything” here.
However, what I do see is a history of genetic modification, in which a local species of Earth specific hominid was selected for an “upgrade”, followed by a series of “lesson plans” that we would eventually have to learn.
And what happens if we, that lifeform and civilization in question do not follow the instructions of the aforementioned lesson plan?  
That planetary reset button is activated.
Well, OK . .  but why an asteroid?  
Couldn’t the errant lifeform in question simply be eradicated by some sort of clever biological scheme, as in an “Andromeda strain” type of microbe designed for this purpose,
No, that just won’t do.
Because what a planetary reset design strategy would really require would be a complete system reset, as in complete extinction of the lifeform in question, and all remnants of their existence.
Start over, from scratch. 
Completely different paradigm, and the planet herself would need a bit of a makeover.  A huge asteroid hit would create fantastic tsunamis, to scour the landmasses clean, followed by tremendous seismic disturbances never witnessed by a civilized world.
And, as the planetary makeover gets under way, there would also, of course, be a period of radically enhanced volcanic activity, such as witnessed here on Earth many millions of years ago, not by humans, but by lifeforms which only exist now in the form of fossils

What isn’t washed away, reduced to rubble or melted away  into molten rock could then be completely scraped off the planetary surface with an  iceage, via huge glaciers covering most of the planet, for say, about 10,000 years or so – that should get the job done.
An ice age conveniently provided, at least in part. to that aforementioned asteroid impact and the following incessant volcanic eruptions occurring around the world/ 
This is what I would refer to as the “real inconvenient truth”
So, let’s review, shall we?
Here we are, on our very lovely but badly damaged planet, the outcome of a  “genetic upgrade” that may have gone awry.
We were presented, at multiple times in various locations and cultures around the world, with a series of “important” timelines, and lesson plans.
Around the world, these emergent cultures devoted vast amounts of effort and  spectacular skill in creating calendars and astronomical observatories by which to measure and comprehend these cosmological timelines and how they might affect our world.
Throughout much of the known world in these ancient times, these lesson plans.  cosmic calendars, and spiritual mythos also told of an ancient time, when another advanced civilization once existed, was destroyed (perhaps by its own hand), and  the earth had horrific calamities visited upon it – floods, earthquakes, volcanoes radically changing climate, huge glaciers that covered the land, where strange beasts from another time once roamed the land.
Hmmm . . .  any of this sounding familiar, perhaps?
This is the “comprehensive” planetary makeover, which not only completely removes the offending lifefoms and their civilizations, but also gives the struggling planet a bit of “breathing room”, to re-establish its bio-diversity, recover the harm brought to it by wasteful and destructive industrial practices, and allows the planet to replenish its landmasses with new landscapes and mineral resources.
A complete system reset.
We were warned, and instructed, carefully, about all of this.
But, as I’m guessing to be the case, we have flunked the test.
In fact, the only folks who seem to have any sort of grasp at this early history and what was “delivered” at the time, have completely lost its true meaning, and instead have succumbed to a bizarre collection of self serving so-called “religious” doctrines, and fanatical, inflexible interpretations which have in fact caused more harm, in the context of wars, greed, and “enforced ignorance”, than any other aspect of our current civilization, past or current, could ever cause.
A toxic genetic attribute, the so-called “god part of the brain”, needs some adjustment.
Perhaps that genetic attribute was assigned to a series of worlds, to study the affects, positive and negative, for future reference.
After all, invoking a sort of genetic magnification of this mental attribute would be a perfect solution to create a more manageable, if not benevolent  lifeform in the ;King term. and perhaps on other worlds this may already be the case.
But the bottom line is this . . .
Folks, we are a specimen in a petri dish, an experiment, inoculated onto this earth many millennia ago – get over it!
Can we please progress past the 12th century, and at least attempt to understand any of this?
We were created, and instructed after our “creation”, by “beings from the heavens”, who did make a real effort to guide us fumbling humanoids here on
our lovely planet.
The irony here is that we are going to have to abandon many of the core concepts of the major religions that have spawned forth from those experimental beginnings.
I’m always open to seeing the glass half full, but at this juncture, that may be a dubious assessment at best.
Just to be on the safe side, better reset that planetoid.
It was a lovely experiment while it lasted –  though I’m sure our checkered past has been entered into someone’s log book and research archives.
Perhaps, if nothing else, we are a “worst case” example, to be studied, maybe in a “textbook” of some sort for young students on another world . . . but I digress.
At least we can say we did serve a purpose.
And where did I see something along those lines, as in serving the supreme being . . . ?
Oh, that’s right, that was included in those aforementioned lesson plans, the plans that eventually led to the irreversible path of destruction . . .
Yeah, better not make that mistake again.
Unless, of course, the particular “flavor” of ET who initiated this agenda wants to create a destructive, errant lifeform, that could infect someone else’s cosmic neighborhood.
Well hey, who says ET is perfect?
Oh, that’s right, those badly misinterpreted lesson plans once again.

As an act of mercy, and for the sake of the planet herself, not to mention the pre-emptive protection of the cosmic ecosystem, the aforementioned infestation would be immediately purged, and samples of its DNA studied as  specimens of a flawed, pathological lifeform.
I know, truth indeed can be “inconvenient” at times.
Oh well . . .

Life extension beyond 100 years . . . is this really a good idea?

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Life extension beyond 100 years . . .
Is this  really a good idea?

At the risk of possibly commiting heresy against the quasi pseudo-religion of transhumanism, here’s a thought for consideration, not often mentioned in regards to these anti-aging proponents.

Time and again, I’ve met with most of the major  anti-aging “usual” suspects, including Ray Kuraweil, ranging from the Extropians to the Foresight Institute, the Singularity and NBIC conferences, and so on.

Mostly the focus is on the technical and medical aspects of extended longevity, up to and including various cybernetic enhancements and medical nanotechnology applications.

What few seem to be interested in discussing is the obvious 800 pound elephant standing quietly in the corner – how do we afford to stay alive for such an extended period of time, who should or would be allowed access to such exotic life extension technologies, and  how does this paradigm fit into a planet that is already over populated?

What I’m getting from these various endeavors is that there will come a time when the super elite will indeed have their access to exotic life extension options . . . but for the vast majority of ordinary citizens, they will never see any of this, or even be aware of such.

This will sound harsh, but please bear with me just for a moment . . .

I have spent many years working with various futurist and technology development “think tanks” and institutes, and one of the main, if not the main challenge facing the world is over population.  Lifetimes are increasing, that are completely out of sync with the career, retirement and social security types of programs that were designed many decades ago, when life spans where much shorter, and in many ways, life management was a simpler, family related sort of enterprise.

From my perspective, I would much prefer to have fewer years, but make the amount of years I am “allotted” very high quality, healthy and productive years.

In many parts of the world, including here, the economic development, financial practices and retirement related policies that may have made sense 50  – 75 years ago are simply not possible in today’s world.   Those days are gone, and the current trend is going to steadily accelerated away from those “traditional” times.

As a reference point, the planetary sustainable equilibrium threshold was crossed in the mid 1980s.   What this means is that in most of the industrialized world, the combination of available resources and economic policy has already entered into a realm where not everyone can be employed, let alone be cared for with high end medical options and extended “retirement” support.

Trying to pretend all of these support programs and policies from decades ago will continue on in perpetuity is no different than blindly believing in the latest trendy religious movement.   No matter how one tries to somehow put a fluffy polyanish spin on this situation. these hard realities are already rapidly accelerating toward profound catastrophic consequences.

What many people seem to not realize is that 80 – 85 % of all health care costs are incurred with people 65 and over.  These costs, and complexities of health maintenance and support increase radically with age.

Most of Europe has already crossed the irreversible event horizon of more people being supported with public assistance than people actually contributing to the system, and we will be crossing that very same economic event horizon in just a few years.

Everyone knows this is coming, but no politician dares to approach this volatile topic, as the facts about this entire realm of governance and public assistance is going to completely collapse, unless some very radical, and difficult choices can be made, and made politically viable.

Where I live here in Berkeley, there are a number of assisted living and elderly care facilities.   I often encounter some of these folks, and my heart goes out to them.

Many are  struggling with pain, various forms of arthritis, impaired vision, partial mobility and so on.  I watch these folks with their daily struggles, and sometimes offer a bit of help when I can.

But 15 – 20 years from now, there are going to be many more millions of folks approaching this age, and very few will ever be able to afford the aforementioned exotic life extension technologies.  

In fact, what will happen is that many families are going to be faced with crushing costs and economic chaos as they attempt to deal with aging parents and relatives, mapped against an economy that will be in a diminished state.  Those big corporate party days of the “big 80s”, the dot com bubble of the 90s, and the post Y2K get rich quick real estate schemes are gone, and they are not coming back.

Most of our current employment is in relative short term service sector related jobs, and the days of working for the same big company for an entire career, and then receiving a pleasant company pension and retirement support are completely gone, and those days are not coming back.

We are facing a different world, one which the current elders I have mentioned will never know or even understand, and that’s fine.   They are the last remnants of a population, a culture, and a world, that made sense in their time.

But the world we are heading into is going to be very different.  Not only are these “traditional” career, retirement, and social security expectations not going to really exist as these older folks understood such to be, but realistically, many families just aren’t staying together for multiple generations as was once the norm.

People marry, divorce and remarry multiple times, a concept that was almost unthinkable for many folks from a previous time.   The concept of family cohesion, the elderly being cared for by their children, and so on, is going to become evermore complex, and for the most part, irrelevant in many situations.

Having said all that, I circle back to my original thesis.

Life extension with advanced science and exotic medical technologies will no doubt be available, but to whom, under what conditions . . .

What I see coming is a new sort of social caste, an inner circle of elite entities, the power brokers, industrialists, top level politicians and policy makers, religious leaders, and so on, who will become even more removed from the realities of daily life than they already are, with their artificially enhanced lifespans. 

The “unwashed masses” will simply become the expendable Borg drones, grinding away at short term jobs with no real lifelong attachment to any specific corporation or entity (thus eliminating traditional pensions and retirement benefits), expected to die off at a predetermined age, and an expensive nuisance should they try to live longer than their social caste rating justifies.

You think this sounds too radical?  

Think again . . . what I have cited above is already occurring in various parts of the world.

The life extension related therapies and medical technologies will simply be yet another commodity, catering to the elites who can afford such, or will even be allowed such.

Well, as you might expect, this isn’t exactly a popular perspective when I  raise these issues at various life extension related events, but it is the “inconvenient truth” that is looming overhead in the not too distant future.

Thoughts for consideration . . .

A culture of fake imagery, quick fix, instant gratification, quarterly return mentality . . .

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A culture of fake imagery, quick fix, instant gratification, quarterly return mentality . . .

I remember back in the mid 80’s, when the film Wall Street came out, with the famous line from the Gordon Gecko character, “Greed is good”. That was the mind set. I met people in the business world who lived this model, who would laugh at suggestions about ethics and standards in corporate governance, that such was only for stupid and gullible people.

I remember the savings and loan scandal, and later the Enron debacle, which was a tip of an enormous iceberg that is now much more visible.

I don’t know to what extreme people can be pushed before they resort to desperate means to stay alive, feed their families . . . but pushed far enough, and people will eventually do what they have to do, no matter how extreme.

I have great respect for President Obama, I have no doubt he is trying to work out the best compromise realistically possible to turn this economy around, but I would suggest that there is a quiet rage brewing out there, which may not remain quiet.

I would offer that people want to see some justice here. Bernie Maddoff is just one of many who should be looking at serious hard time in prison. What I would want to see is some of these so-called financial wizards on Wall Street, under arrest, being led away in hand cuffs, and facing very serious time, if not life sentences in federal prison.

Would this directly change the quality of life for the millions who are now unemployed or about to join their ranks? Directly, no – but it would go a long way toward establishing some form of trust and faith in the system as most once believed such to be.

Right now, I would offer that such trust and faith is at an all time low, and we are going to have to see this restored if there is to be any realistic chance for long term recovery from the disaster we are now in.

Without that trust and faith, all bets are off.

Yes indeed, I have seen this myself, first hand.

But this phenomena is a small piece of a larger cultural mosaic.

See if any of this resonates with you.

Time and again, ad nauseam, I’ve seen examples in business, and relationships, where the ticket of admission as it were had nothing to do with the person . . . but had everything to do with how they looked.

Of course, this sort of inherent narcissism can be found in almost any culture, at least among some individuals within that cultural realm.

But nothing compares, not even remotely, with the “cultural ineptitude” that I have seen so often here.

Kids are brought up by ambitious, self absorbed parents who lack the time (let alone the actual wisdom or skill) to train and educate their kids about the deeper things that really matter in life.

Instead, it’s all about image. fluff, packaging, style, getting an edge by whatever means necessary, and so on.

Some examples to consider . . .

Bernie Maddof, the world’s most notorious scam artist, now in prison (finally!) . . .
but he looked so nice, fit in so perfectly with the right social circles, well dressed and, well, you, know, he just looked . . . charming

Hmmm . . . how about Ted Bundy?

Yeah, what a guy, eh? Charming, always well dressed, stylish . . . the girls just fell for him . . . he seemed so right – well, until he murdered the girl of the moment.

Let’s see now . .. . ah yes, the Menendez brothers, you remember those charming young men, so well mannered, and stylish in their expensive designer sweaters and oh so chic business casual attire. Charming indeed, that is until they were both convicted of 1st degree murder, of their parents, with shotguns, in the face, at point blank range.

Oh gosh, I could go on, but I’m guessing you’re seeing a pattern here.

American kids, in many cases, are being trained to go for the simplest common denominator, as their entry into life. As long as you look good, you’re in.

Anything that remotely represents real values as a human being, wisdom, compassion, skill, etc. is arbitrary at best, and an embarrassing annoyance.

The lesson is presented early and repeated often –

Don’t waste your time with that annoying nonsense.

You can always “buy” someone, a ghost writer, a student perhaps, or some other consultant or person that you squirt money at, and don’t tell anyone else about.

Have them do the real work, keep them hidden away, never let their name appear on anything that you are claiming credit for, and just pay barely enough to squeeze as much content as you can from them . . . you’re above that – you are among the chosen ones . . . as long as you look good, everything will be going your way.

This is what these fast track, ” f**k everybody else, because I’m important” parents teach their kids . . and they pick up on it.

Ever wonder how Enron got to where they were before the bubble burst?

Or how about Global Crossings (remember them?).

Or how about those lovely, charming, and oh so well dressed financial folks on Wall Street.

I mean, they look good, sound nice . . . they must be worthy of my trust, right?

I have never been to another country or culture, anywhere on the planet, where judgement and acceptance is based on so little – and where real talent and worthy people are shunned, marginalized, and ignored because ‘they just don’t look right”.

But heaven forbid, you could be an ax murderer, child molester, you name it, doesn’t matter.

As long as you “look right”, no problem – you’ll be invited everywhere.

Of course, I’m exaggerating just a bit, but it is such a pervasive aspect of our current culture, a culture of fake imagery, quick fix, instant gratification, quarterly return mentality . . .