Current State of Existence – a world never before experienced in the hostory of which we are currently aware

Many have noted the unique circumstances and characteristics of the current world, a world which has never been experienced before in the history of which we are currently aware.
Two specific categories of “existence mapping” define our current existence as unique, moreso than any other criteria of measurement.

Those two categories are:

1)  The global currency grid and economic engines which operate in essentially real time, all the time, and are complex and instaneous to the extent that no human being has any real interaction, but essentially responds to the networks of machines which offer a glimpse into this virtual fiduciary universe.

2)  A state of personal existence where the biological DNA that has been the data that defines our existence template and is the projection of our physica avatar presence is now less relevant than the “virtual DNA” of our virtual existence template which is not limited or even related to our physical avatar presence, but instead is projected to the entire planet, in real time, all the time.

Some could argue the virtues or detriments of this current and continously evolving existence matrix, but what cannot be argued is the reality of this moment.  

This is the short version –

Our state of economic existence:

The global currency grid system is in itself a Ponzi scheme on a planetary scale.

It is impossible to have an economic engine in which the primary
performance metric vector upon which all other indices of valuation are dependant is not just on perpetual growth, but on perpetually accelerating growth, mapped against a planet with a maximum critical mass threshold failure point of available resources and population life support capacity.

We are rapidly approaching this critical mass threshold failure point now.

There are many regions of the world, including here in the USA, where there are ever incerasing sectors of the population who have no real capacity for meaningful employment, no net gain contribution to the economic systems currently in operation, and in fact have to be subsidized for their very existence with direct payment from the tax base, and / or with “make work” jobs
that have no real value but are counted as “employment” for the sake of creating an artificial appearance of economic viability.

Map this accelerating demographic against an industry base which in fact is ever less dependant on human labor, and at the same time is encouraged to continually reproduce to serve the geopolitical ambitions of local sovereign nationstates and functionally synergistic “religious” affiliations which have utilized the mechanism of largely uneducated “expendable” populations to
serve their geopolitical strategic  objectives and ambitions against the current planetary existence support limitations, and the math is glaringly obvious.

This system will fail.   This is the “real” inconvenient truth.

For those who may be truly interested in this reality, and are not blinded by political correctness diatribe or various layers of emotional irrationality, the point of planetary sustainable equilibrium was passed in the mid 1980s.

Many have attempted to articulate this hard reality since that time
(including myself), and of course, have been excoriated for attempting to articulate the obvious.

The end result, from this point onward, will bifrucate into one of two possible outcomes:

1)  A voluntary radical change of awareness and synchronicity of intent  will orient the world’s populations (and more relevantly, the authorities which  catalyze belief systems and political policy) toward a voluntary  instigation of sustainable practices and population management.


2)  An involuntary “correction” will be forced upon the world’s
populations, and quite possibly the life support of the planet, manifest by radical,  irreversible catastrophic failure of economic systems, civilization, and life  itself as it is currently recognized to be.

Evolution is not “friendly” or politically correct, and nature is not
designed to be “nice”, but rather to be functional.   Narture’s beauty and  aesthetics are marvellous to behold, but can be misleading if one cannot recognize  the system dynamics required for its maintainence and perpetuity.

Economic systems tend to operate by the same principles, as has been mapped  and analyzed by many who have studied and defined such system dynamics.

Our state of cultural existence:

Every moment of our apparent existence is now accompanied with a hidden (and in many cases involumtary) data cloud. 

In fact, our data cloud has considerably more apparent relevance and defacto representation of our existence than our physical being.  

Our organic DNA was, in times of yore, the biophysical data footprint of our presence – now it’s our app code and virtual data matrix that is our DNA.

Even those “off grid” folks who go to great lengths to opt out of the current manifestation of the matrix are still connected to a sort of “data mist” that they will never see, but is required for even the most minimal existence template in this current (and still evolving) virtual universe.

This particular observation became distinctly manifest as I was attempting to launch a  java script / app code designed to find out who “deleted” one’s momentary fleeting moment of virtual friendship on Facebook.

The code for initiating that process has nothing remotely to do with personal interaction – it is a page of code mush that no one could possibly understand unless they themselves are a programmer familiar with that particular code syntax . . .

It is, in essance, a perfect metaphor of the virtual existence / quasi matrix world we are already immersed in.

It is a strange world we have evolved into.

But just think, for us older folks with with gray hair and memories of a world that once was. . . we are the last of our kind. 

We harken back to an ancient time, when the biophysical presence of our being actually was the avatar of our existence template.

Young people growing into this virtual matrix world now, have never known a world that was NOT immersed into this virtual existence template, and its attendant data cloud that is as much part of theitr DNA as their biophysical containment vessel (if not more so).

We used to write about this sort of theoretical future realm, as if this were some wispy glimpse into a potential far off future eventhorizon.

We have now passed that eventhorizon . . .

As I suggested earlier, we are the last of our kind – relish in our gray hair and beards, as we are living relics of a time that no longer exists.

Well, maybe this was a bit much meandering diatribe, but looking at that java script as the key for finding out who may have rejected one’s momentary Facebook existence was the perfect metaphor of this moment, and the world that has already dissapeared.

Epilogue . . .

I couldn’t help but wonder . . . what will future acheologists dig up from ancient relics of our current time?

There will be no stones with mysterious languages carved into them, no remnants of a “library of Alexandria” to investigate, no secretly hidden scrolls to unearth and decipher.

No . . . the most that may be found might be the fragments of a strange looking circular piece of shiny metalllic plastic with microscopic holes burned into it.

Even my current library of books, as in actual real books printed on paper, will crumble into decay and dust at some future point.

And as the current trend seems to indicate, even something as archaic as paper with print on it is fading away into the realms of obscurity.

Imagine, for the briefest moment, a future archeologist hoping to understand a strange, electronic contraption that was once used to read “ebooks”.

No Rosetta stone here . . .


~ by charles000 on June 18, 2010.

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  1. You articulated my almost exact thoughts.. if you have data or even a hint where to find it concerning this matter, I would be highly interested

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