An inconvenient truth 2.0 – a brief primer on global climate change, spiritual mythos, extinction events, ET, and our precarious existence

An inconvenient truth 2.0 – a brief primer on global climate change, spiritual mythos, extinction events, ET, and our precarious existence

A passing thought for the fempto second . . .
An outside observer, from another world, would look upon this world as a once lovely, but badly damaged planetoid, with a hopelessly inept pseudo-intelligent life form on the fast track toward self destruction.
From that perspective, the resident humanoid species in its current form, for the most part, has become an out of control infestation on our once lovely planet. 

Is our DNA really “ours?”
Just for a brief moment, forget mainstream organized religion, corporate financed geopoltical intrigues, and our delusionary perceptions of self allocated importance.
We are but grains of sand in the cosmological landscape, and as such, a mundane, and for the most part, still very flawed, toxic lifeform.
We are at the end of our “training period”, but have shown very little improvement in those areas of wisdom and maturity that would justify our existence in this cosmic ecology, though we have managed to advance rather quickly into various arenas of science an technology.
But even here, in this context, we have failed, flunked the test, in that in many cases these advances really came about as catalyzed by war already in progress, or in anticipation of creating yet another war.
If anything, the planet is basically about to experience a “system reset”, a reset of, well, Biblical proportions, as it were, that we were in fact told about, but have so badly mis-interpreted these earlier examples and “lesson plans” presented to us, that it could be a reasonable design strategy to “purge” the planet of its offending, failed lifeform and civilization, with an asteroid.
But not just any asteroid.
No, this next “incoming” big rock from space is part of a larger design strategy.
For those who wish to see us, our lovely but badly damaged planetoid, and the universe in the context of “intelligent design”, fine, no problem.
In fact, I absolutely would support that perspective, but perhaps not  not in the context of how this term is currently utilized.
And so, that leads this author and hopefully the reading audience to this quote extracted from a just published article on huge, potentially catastrophic, destructive asteroids possibly colliding with earth in the not too distant future.
. . . the door [is] open to damaging impacts on Earth with little or no
warning, a panel of scientists reports.  <
This is news?   Hardly.
However, what is news is the shift towards urgency, and an to attempt regain relevance among the general public, and the world.
Sadly, NASA is slipping further and further away from the global center stage prominence it once enjoyed.
There are many who doubt, and rightfully so, that NASA may ever gain that position again, or for that matter, any single nationstate.
However, this missive is not about NASA, the space program, geopolitical intrigue and policy, religion, or any other such typical topics of interest, but merely to establish a background, a template by which to examine our rapidly advancing future history and its already predicted consequences.
In this context, it needs to be noted that the days of such nationalistic dominance in the realms of space travel and exploration are fading away, with, of course, one very major exception.
And that would be . . . . the militarization of space.
The relevancy of this observation will become apparent shortly.
Before jumping to any rash assumptions, no it is not the USA, though we certainly have our share of such ambitions quietly flourishing outside the realms of public knowledge.
The correct answer is China, and her “marriage of convenience” partner in such endeavors, Russia.
In fact, when our space shuttle fleet is retired in 2010, we will have no capacity, none, for delivering large scale payloads into space. 
Well, at least none that the general public will ever know about.
But wait . . .
And now, as the late Paul Harvey would say, “for the rest of the story . . .  ”
The stakes are high, in fact higher than they ever have been in the history of which we are currently aware or willing to acknowledge.
Everyone on the inside knows that space is the next big thing in the emergent global economy,  military and geopolitical power.
Whoever “owns” the keys to this next strategic realm will own the world – this cannot be overstated.
This seems rather obvious to anyone with even a modest passing interest in such affairs.
But then again, there is another view . . .
I propose that the eventual impact of an “extinction event” class asteroid is not only inevitable, but in fact a sort of design feature, in a way.
And no, I’m not going to plunge into Biblical scripture or the concepts presented by such into the  murky realms of Biblical prophecy, though there is a sort indirect of connection.
I would propose that an extinction event planetary scale purging is not only the natural way of things, it is in fact a requirement that any such world must face, as part of its evolutionary “testing” and development process.
In other words, unless us humanoids here on Earth cannot get our [fill in the blank] together, we are in fact due to be flushed, as it were, down the cosmic toilet bowl of potentially interesting, but failed planetary civilization  “experiments”.
I would submit that the concept of “we were made in the image of God” is true enough, but that of course leads to the question of who or what is, or more correctly, was depicted as “God” thousands of years ago?
“and now for the rest of the story”  twist . . .
Is our DNA only “ours”?   No.  
Have we been visited before, on numerous occasions, by “someone” from out there?  Yes.
And are these two questions linked together?   Absolutely, of course.
Call it “neighborhood planning” if you wish, on a cosmic scale.
I would further submit that this has nothing to do with some sort of warm and fuzzy nurturing agenda from our benevolent space comrades from other star systems.
Please, spare me . . .
Rather, such endeavors are more like a protective measure, and an asteroid impact of a planetary scale is like a reset button for a world plagued with an errant or dysfunctional civilization.
And now, briefly back to our Biblical scriptures and prophecy teachings for just a moment . . .
What were those commandments that were “delivered” to us via a message received at the mountaintop, and cast into stone by none other than Moses himself.
I don’t see commandments, or holy “anything” here.
However, what I do see is a history of genetic modification, in which a local species of Earth specific hominid was selected for an “upgrade”, followed by a series of “lesson plans” that we would eventually have to learn.
And what happens if we, that lifeform and civilization in question do not follow the instructions of the aforementioned lesson plan?  
That planetary reset button is activated.
Well, OK . .  but why an asteroid?  
Couldn’t the errant lifeform in question simply be eradicated by some sort of clever biological scheme, as in an “Andromeda strain” type of microbe designed for this purpose,
No, that just won’t do.
Because what a planetary reset design strategy would really require would be a complete system reset, as in complete extinction of the lifeform in question, and all remnants of their existence.
Start over, from scratch. 
Completely different paradigm, and the planet herself would need a bit of a makeover.  A huge asteroid hit would create fantastic tsunamis, to scour the landmasses clean, followed by tremendous seismic disturbances never witnessed by a civilized world.
And, as the planetary makeover gets under way, there would also, of course, be a period of radically enhanced volcanic activity, such as witnessed here on Earth many millions of years ago, not by humans, but by lifeforms which only exist now in the form of fossils

What isn’t washed away, reduced to rubble or melted away  into molten rock could then be completely scraped off the planetary surface with an  iceage, via huge glaciers covering most of the planet, for say, about 10,000 years or so – that should get the job done.
An ice age conveniently provided, at least in part. to that aforementioned asteroid impact and the following incessant volcanic eruptions occurring around the world/ 
This is what I would refer to as the “real inconvenient truth”
So, let’s review, shall we?
Here we are, on our very lovely but badly damaged planet, the outcome of a  “genetic upgrade” that may have gone awry.
We were presented, at multiple times in various locations and cultures around the world, with a series of “important” timelines, and lesson plans.
Around the world, these emergent cultures devoted vast amounts of effort and  spectacular skill in creating calendars and astronomical observatories by which to measure and comprehend these cosmological timelines and how they might affect our world.
Throughout much of the known world in these ancient times, these lesson plans.  cosmic calendars, and spiritual mythos also told of an ancient time, when another advanced civilization once existed, was destroyed (perhaps by its own hand), and  the earth had horrific calamities visited upon it – floods, earthquakes, volcanoes radically changing climate, huge glaciers that covered the land, where strange beasts from another time once roamed the land.
Hmmm . . .  any of this sounding familiar, perhaps?
This is the “comprehensive” planetary makeover, which not only completely removes the offending lifefoms and their civilizations, but also gives the struggling planet a bit of “breathing room”, to re-establish its bio-diversity, recover the harm brought to it by wasteful and destructive industrial practices, and allows the planet to replenish its landmasses with new landscapes and mineral resources.
A complete system reset.
We were warned, and instructed, carefully, about all of this.
But, as I’m guessing to be the case, we have flunked the test.
In fact, the only folks who seem to have any sort of grasp at this early history and what was “delivered” at the time, have completely lost its true meaning, and instead have succumbed to a bizarre collection of self serving so-called “religious” doctrines, and fanatical, inflexible interpretations which have in fact caused more harm, in the context of wars, greed, and “enforced ignorance”, than any other aspect of our current civilization, past or current, could ever cause.
A toxic genetic attribute, the so-called “god part of the brain”, needs some adjustment.
Perhaps that genetic attribute was assigned to a series of worlds, to study the affects, positive and negative, for future reference.
After all, invoking a sort of genetic magnification of this mental attribute would be a perfect solution to create a more manageable, if not benevolent  lifeform in the ;King term. and perhaps on other worlds this may already be the case.
But the bottom line is this . . .
Folks, we are a specimen in a petri dish, an experiment, inoculated onto this earth many millennia ago – get over it!
Can we please progress past the 12th century, and at least attempt to understand any of this?
We were created, and instructed after our “creation”, by “beings from the heavens”, who did make a real effort to guide us fumbling humanoids here on
our lovely planet.
The irony here is that we are going to have to abandon many of the core concepts of the major religions that have spawned forth from those experimental beginnings.
I’m always open to seeing the glass half full, but at this juncture, that may be a dubious assessment at best.
Just to be on the safe side, better reset that planetoid.
It was a lovely experiment while it lasted –  though I’m sure our checkered past has been entered into someone’s log book and research archives.
Perhaps, if nothing else, we are a “worst case” example, to be studied, maybe in a “textbook” of some sort for young students on another world . . . but I digress.
At least we can say we did serve a purpose.
And where did I see something along those lines, as in serving the supreme being . . . ?
Oh, that’s right, that was included in those aforementioned lesson plans, the plans that eventually led to the irreversible path of destruction . . .
Yeah, better not make that mistake again.
Unless, of course, the particular “flavor” of ET who initiated this agenda wants to create a destructive, errant lifeform, that could infect someone else’s cosmic neighborhood.
Well hey, who says ET is perfect?
Oh, that’s right, those badly misinterpreted lesson plans once again.

As an act of mercy, and for the sake of the planet herself, not to mention the pre-emptive protection of the cosmic ecosystem, the aforementioned infestation would be immediately purged, and samples of its DNA studied as  specimens of a flawed, pathological lifeform.
I know, truth indeed can be “inconvenient” at times.
Oh well . . .


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