Ethics and economic futures in America?

I just don’t see these two realms intersecting anytime soon . . .

This is what the current era has vomited out to a dysfunctional and existence challenged public through the lens of so-called “reality TV”, who were mesmerized by the electronic kool aid heaved up in an orgy of greed and malfeasance not seen since the days of consumption excesses witnessed in the vomitoriums of Rome.

The intestinal fortitude of even the hardiest, quasi Mad Max’esque hardcore urban survivalist is being pushed to a new edge not seen in modern times.

Even in the days of the Great Depression, there was a form of tribalistic family cohesion and social infrastructure that has faded away into the mists of the past, given way to the so-called “me generation” and absurdly self absorbed bloviators of pseudo spiritual new age fluffy talk, practitioners of pontificatory regurgitation of ludicrously fake non-existent wisdom while scheming ever more devious endeavors to steal from and cheat anyone who comes within proximity of their region of influence.

Is anyone really “surprised” at the current state of affairs?


Imagine a proctology exam, with a splintery broomstick.

OK, that might be just a wee bit over the top description of socio-economic phenomena observed in current times. but only slightly so . . .


~ by charles000 on November 29, 2009.

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