A brief history of human existence on this planet, ET, and Intelligent Panspermia from the perspective of a “Historian of the Future”

In the Beginning, there was . . .

For decades, many have pondered who, or perhaps what we are. Did we just “magically appear” here on Earth, or did the evolutionary leap from primitive quasi-humanoid species types to current human form occur with some mysterious, yet to be defined process?

Perhaps there is another explanation, as increasing evidence tends to be indicating.  I ask only that you ponder this possibility with an open mind.

For some, this will be difficult, as there is much cultural (and political) investment in religious belief systems and enforcement of dogma. But before leaping to conclusions, let’s examine what some of those “religious beliefs” consist of, shall we?

I was recently told by one of my colleagues with whom these concepts have been discussed, “Jumping from “UFO’s are real,” to “ET contact” is a gigantic leap of faith that can match any religion”.

Indeed so – that would be the point.

ET contact IS the source of much of the religion that is practiced to this very day.  From a biblical perspective, I would suggest taking a close look at the book of Enoch. 

Interestingly, the Quran very openly refers to intelligent life beyond the confines of earth out in the universe, as does the Upanishads, and in fact, the majority of the world’s religious texts clearly refer to this concept as an accepted fact in their theological tenets. The variations of the theme are interesting, as visualized and interpreted through the lens of specific cultures, but the descriptions are essentially ubiquitous all over the planet; someone or “something” descended from the sky, intersected with beings here, and “man” was created more or less in “god’s image”.

We were indeed made in “God’s image”. In today’s world, this is called “genetic engineering”.

Recent evidence has strongly suggested that the original “colony” of homo sapiens numbered between 20 to 30 individuals. Sounds like a genetically modified specimen pool to me.

Graphic courtesy Singularity Institute

What came next?

We were then given a set of rules, an existence code to follow.  

I don’t care if it’s Moses and his “burning bush” encounter, or any other collection of such historical references from all over the planet, the story is the same: follow these rules, or dire circumstances will follow.   Indigenous cultures all over the world, on 5 continents (and many island civilizations) have had some form of “prophecy” indicating a radical change of significance occurring roughly about now, within the first third of the 21st century (as translated into Julian calendar chronology).

There has been a highly consistent devotion to this concept throughout the world, often punctuated with fantastic works of engineering and astronomical measurement devoted to this agenda.

In many cases, these spectacular works of engineering and celestial observations were conducted under the most extreme conditions, taxing the very limits of human endeavor. And in every case, the question of “why” pleads for an answer, which mainstream academia seems to be unable to effectively answer.

Life is Common . . . we are Not that Special

Let’s just suppose that life is common in the universe, and certainly very common right here in our proximity, at the outer third of the articulated arm of our galaxy, a common, generic galaxy filled with hundreds of billions of common generic stars very similar to ours, and planets to match.

OK, so there is life flourishing about, and very likely ET civilizations who keep an eye on evolving planetary ecosystems and potentially emergent civilizations in their approximate locale or region of interest.

I would suggest that it would be mundane and normal, rote as it were, that it would be to their interest to keep an eye on such neighboring star systems. It would be normal procedure to invoke a bit of “version control” on lifeform types that are evolving toward becoming potentially emergent civilizations.

“Peace on Earth”, oil an canvas painting by Uriel Dana and the late Gage Taylor.

So, if this was the criteria, what was the procedure?

Send in a crew, find the local “most viable” lifeform type about to cross the line into quasi-intelligence, and do a bit of pre-emptive genetic engineering, knowing that a controlled evolutionary eventstream might have a more predictable (and therefore manageable) outcome . . . theoretically.

Call it what you wish, like a form of neighborhood quality control on a cosmic scale, but here are the major basic major data points along this pathway.

Who’s DNA is this?

Now, let’s have a look at our DNA, shall we?

Ever wonder what all that so-called “junk DNA” might be there for?

I’ve had quite a bit of conversation with many of the elite within the genetic research and molecular medicine communities, and one thing that is consistent is the inconsistency of potential explanations. While pondering that concept for a moment, let’s briefly have a look at what Matthew Alger refers to as the “god part of the brain”.

The concept of "alien" DNA is perhaps more common than mainstream media would tend to suggest

The research into this has been quite extensive, and the common consensus tends to be the following.  From a neuroaesthetics, molecular psychiatry, and neurophysiology perspective, for some yet undefinable reason, our human brains have been genetically designed to have this “faith potential” built our into existence morphology and survival patterning.

Even to the point that this faith potential has, sadly, become a toxic social pathology in many cases, as our current out of control accelerating planetary overpopulation driven by religious dogma is demonstrating at this very moment.

But, at that earlier time, when our first increment of genetic version control modification was implemented upon the selected available proto-humanoids that were chosen to become the first humans, by design, in the image of “god”, who came from “the heavens”, the design strategy of the time was to amplify the neurological characteristics of this “god part of the brain”.

There is a logic to this, and given current available evidence, it may be the simplest “Occam’s Razor” explanation for the otherwise unexplainable.

I would venture that we are not the only experiment in such context, but that there have been a variety of such planetary civilization version control works in progress, the implementation of what I refer to as “intelligent panspermia” applied to a relatively localized regional solar systems.

We may well be one of the earlier attempts along these lines, a sort of failed experiment in the making, and of course, such would warrant a bit of close scrutiny in current times by our “creators” in this context, which again, coincides with actual activity which has been occurring all over the planet.

It would be at this juncture that I would offer the question: ever wonder what is really hiding in the Vatican archives? To this very day, there are certain regions of the Vatican archives that are strictly off limits, even to academic and theological scholars who apply months in advance for highly scrutinized, limited access.

The Intelligent Panspermia Protocol

To summarize, this is the key point for consideration. The purpose of the intelligent panspermia (Greek term for “the spreading of seeds) agenda would be to enable a form of pre-emptive “version control” of emergent civilizations in relative proximity solar systems.

I would further propose that we are only one of numerous such intelligent panspermia planetary experiments.  We are perhaps one of the earlier versions of such, with its inherent flaws as we are witnessing now, an ongoing experiment with a potential, soon to be encountered expiration date here, on our planetary scale petri dish .

The amplified attributes of the “god part of the brain” was an attempt to invoke our blind belief in the “lesson plan” that was delivered to us at various increments of our ancient history.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many complex endeavors, there are unexpected consequences.   The severe consequences of fanatical devotion to religious dogma is just such an unexpected consequence, which has led to countless centuries of unending wars, horrific predatory practices rendered upon [fill in the blank] indigenous cultures and populations with opposing religious dogma, and even at this very moment, out of control global over population and yes, a possible nuclear and / or biological Armageddon looming on the horizon.

ET is not perfect . . .

The notion that ET is perfect, or represents some sort of utopian benevolent civilization is a misguided conclusion that many “new agers” have tried to express, but I would suggest otherwise.

Yes, they have certainly had more time to evolve, and have seen more trial and error examples of various worlds and the civilizations that have existed on them, but perfect, without self serving agendas and flaws of character? No, of course not.   And that is exactly why, over the millennia, knowing full well how badly things can turn out when various rogue worlds and their civilizations evolve without any form of monitoring or version control, potential disasters can, do, and will occur. So their logic is to genetically intervene, as we are an example of.

We may well be a flawed experiment, possibly due for system reset and “sterilization” on a planetary scale, but I will bet a mythical sum of cosmic proportions that we have, at the very least, served as a data node in “someone’s” intelligent panspermia log books.


~ by charles000 on April 30, 2010.

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